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Have a story that needs polishing before queries or publication? What about that story idea you've never had the time to write? Leave it to me!

My name is Mouse and I am a professional writer and editor. I've taken classes on line editing and grammar from the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I love polishing fiction stories. My favorite part of writing is editing!

I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and can provide in-depth sensitivity readings for works with gender-diverse and/or non-heterosexual characters and themes. I possess a deep understanding and knowledge of many mental health issues, as well as addiction, and I can offer my insight into any of your stories that deal with these topics. Please request a sensitivity consult when contacting me for this service.

Your time and patronage are important to me. That's why I never use AI in my projects. You're paying for human creativity, and I will never compromise on that!


You finished your draft—the hard part is over!

But you're still not quite satisfied with it.

You want to take your writing to the next level before querying or publication, but you feel like you're hitting a brick wall. You've edited the same sentences over and over, and everything looks fuzzy. You need another set of eyes.

That's where I can help!

Line editing is what makes a story come to life. It is the process that comes after structural edits and before copyediting/proofreading.

But how does a line edit help me?

The goal of a line edit is to uplift your unique authorial voice. I will work with your style to elevate your writing by going through your story line by line and making small changes. A line edit will make your words sing, and your readers won't be able to put down your story when I'm done with it!

This service addresses:

  • Word choice
  • Flow
  • Syntax
  • Tone
  • Rhythm
  • Mood
  • Point of view
  • Readability
  • Show vs. tell
  • Paragraph structure

After your consultation and free test edit, I will go through your entire manuscript and make changes when necessary. You will receive comments and suggestions alongside my edits in a .docx document with tracked changes so you can see exactly what I did and revert changes if necessary. I adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style and will lightly copyedit the manuscript as I go along, free of charge.

When your line edit is complete, you will receive two .docx files—one with tracked changes and comments, and one clean copy. At that point, you may ask for clarification and revisions if there is something you feel I haven't addressed, and I will make it right.

Here's what my clients have to say:

"I touched up [my story] after getting some (frankly) phenomenal line editing and suggestions from Mouse. If you're serious about getting your stuff published, I IMPLORE YOU to take him up on his offer... I'm pretty sure none us will be able to afford his services soon." — Sci-fi/fantasy writer
"I hired Mouse to do a quick line edit and he took my work above and beyond. All of his edits were incredibly practical and helped elevate the entire story. Highly recommend using his services if you want your work to shine!" — Romance fiction writer

Check out these screenshots from my previous projects:

Example 1

* This screenshot contained my full legal name in the comments, which has been redacted for anonymity.

Example 2

* This screenshot contained my full legal name in the comments, which has been redacted for anonymity.

Example 3

* This screenshot contained my full legal name in the comments, which has been redacted for anonymity.


Your individual rate will be determined after a free test edit of 1,000 words.

Light line editing starts at $.03 per word. Clean works that require small touch-ups will fall into this category.

Heavy line editing starts at $.06 per word. Heavy editing takes more time and is therefore more expensive. This category encompasses works that require substantial changes to most sentences, paragraph restructuring, and minor ghostwriting. If your story is in its first draft, you may need a heavy line edit.

Interested? Let's talk!

You can email me or send me a message on Twitter to discuss rates and what you're looking for. I'm so excited to work with you!

*Note that this is not a structural edit or a proofread. I will not make any changes to your characters or plot.


Do you daydream about characters you've created? Do you browse your library's shelves, looking for a niche story that was written just for you?

Your search is over!

My writing commissions start at $.05 per word and encompass a wide range of genres, POVs, identities, sexualities, and styles!

There are a whole lot of stories out there, but sometimes it's difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. Maybe you want to read a story about a character you've created, or one with only LGBTQ+ characters. Maybe you have a complete idea for a story in your mind, but you just can't get it on paper yourself.

Whatever the request, I can satisfy your desires with my writing commissions!

Genre expertise:


  • Contemporary
  • Horror
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Supernatural fantasy
  • Thriller

Will write:

  • Crime
  • Erotica
  • Historical
  • Realism
  • Slice of life
  • Western

Won't write:

  • Fanfiction (copyright issues)
  • Fiction of real people
  • High fantasy
  • Hard sci-fi
  • Political
  • Religious

I love writing stories about LGBTQ+ characters and I have extensive experience writing transmasculine characters of all sexualities. I am also knowledgeable about a wide variety of mental health issues you may want represented in your story. Whether your request is gory, heartwrenching, or even erotic, I'm excited to bring it to life. I can even work with you to write novel-length fiction.

Here's what my clients have to say:

"I... I can't even form words. That was beautiful omg. I wasn't expecting the ending, but it was fantastic!" — Horror client
"You took everying I requested and made it perfect. I only read the first page and I already love it!" — Romance client
"I really liked this. It seemed like quite the challenge, but you worked it out so well. I love your descriptive words, and the conversations were great. It just... works!" — Slice of life client

Check out these sample excerpts from previous projects:

Example 1: Contemporary fiction (third person, past tense)

 Doors opened and shut behind him. Hinges creaked. His foot touched the sidewalk and a name pierced his eardrums, sent his stomach to his throat.


 He kept walking.

 “[_____], does your mom know you’re here?”

 He paused and turned slowly toward Max’s mother, lips pressed together tightly, and watched her drag the trash cans to the curb like all the other good suburban moms did. “I’m . . . on my way home.”

 “It’s a long way home, why don’t I give you a ride?” She smiled, but he’d seen that look before. Wide eyes. Tense shoulders. No one trusted him anymore.

 He let the nose of his skateboard touch the ground. “Well, I was going to the skatepark first . . .”

 “The one by the basketball courts? Let me drive you there! Those sidewalks are so old, I wouldn’t want you to fall and hurt yourself. It’s no trouble at all, really!”

 She didn't even let him answer, flashing him another smile as she got back in her car. She pulled up beside him and he hesitated, but she motioned for him to get in and he sighed, ducking into the car with his skateboard between his knees. The upholstery reeked of wine.

 “So, how have you been, [_____]?”

 Did she notice him flinch every time she used that name? There were three daggers in his side now, and he didn’t need a fourth. “I’m fine.”

 “Fine? That’s good, that’s good. . . . Well, it’s fine, but—you know.” She laughed through the silence. “Have you been doing anything fun?”


 “I see, that’s so cool! I don’t see very many girls skateboarding, your mom must be impressed!”

 “She doesn’t like it. She thinks I’m gonna crack my head open on the pavement.”

 Her knuckles went white and she gripped the steering wheel harder. “. . . Oh, well . . . moms always worry. . . . But you wear your helmet, right?”

 He looked down at his backpack. “Yeah.”

 “Good, that’s right. That’s very responsible of you.” He could see the tendons on her neck straining, bulging, and thank God the ride was over quickly. They pulled into a near-empty parking lot and he tried to open the door, but it was locked.

 “[_____] . . .”

 Andrew looked over his shoulder and she leaned forward, gazing at him intently.

 “Everyone’s here for you. Stay safe, okay?” She sounded sad, but her eyes weren’t teary—they were terrified. She was pleading.

 He looked at the door handle. Why did everyone pity him so much? What was he supposed to say? It just made him feel worse. “Yeah . . . okay. Thanks, Mrs. Carlson.”

 The lock clicked. He opened the door and didn’t look back.

Example 2: Slow burn romance (first person, present tense)

 I refuse to focus on him, staring at the floor or the walls while he leads me downstairs where his car is parked. We carry the boxes up one by one in silence until they're all laying on the floor of my living room. I need him gone, need this painful moment to be over, but how do I say it? How do I tell him to leave when deep down I wish he could stay with me forever?

 We stand at opposite sides of the kitchen table and I clear my throat. “So . . . you have a brother.”

 “Yeah, I do.” Evan shrugs. I watch his shoulders graze the tips of his fading red hair, and it's so difficult to ignore his eyes. The way he used to look at me.

 “You never told me about him,” I mumble, shaking the thoughts out of my head.

 “Matt . . .”

 I shudder at the sound of my name across his lips. He brings his voice down to a soothing rumble, as if his stern tone is what made me flinch, not the memories.

 “There were some things I couldn’t tell you. We were just kids in college, I . . . I wanted to start fresh.”

 I swallow. “Is there anything else you kept a secret?”

 “There are lots of things I was never able to tell you.”

 Suddenly, I can't take it. I feel tears start to pool and I shake my head. “Why? I was honest with you. Why couldn't you give me the same?”

 “Because you wouldn't have understood.” Evan sighs and takes a step forward. I look up at him and—God, those hazel eyes used to drip with longing every time they met mine. My throat goes dry.

 He takes one more step toward me and this time I back up. “I think you need to leave,” I whisper, my voice tiny and threatening to break.

 He holds up his hands. “Okay, okay. At least let me help you unpack Jay's stuff. Then I’ll leave.”

Example 3: Steamy vampire thriller (first person, past tense)

 She pressed herself up against the brick wall and beckoned me closer. I slid my hands up her thighs and licked my lips, gazing into her dark eyes as her fingers threaded through my hair. Just inches away from her neck, and she smelled so good it was a battle to control myself. She pulled me down to her height and immediately her tongue was in my mouth, swirling around in my saliva, and I grazed my teeth against her lips with a moan.

 She yelped and put her hand over her mouth. “Your teeth — they’re so sharp!”

 There was a smudge of glistening blood on her bottom lip, and I swear my heart would have skipped a beat if I wasn't dead. The smell wafted up and I inhaled deeply, reaching forward and wiping the blood away with my thumb. I stuck it in my mouth.

 God. Just when you think you’ve got yourself under control, you realize just how easy it is to fall off the wagon. That one little drop sparked a fire in my gut and I leapt forward, kissing her squarely on her cut as she squirmed and laughed. My hands ventured higher and hers went lower, her giggles fading into moans, and I pulled one of her legs around my hips. I pushed up her dress and she unbuttoned my pants, and her head lolled back against the wall as I grunted and leaned into her.

 Pleasure was swallowed by lust—bloodlust, that is. My cool breath was upon her skin, and she seemed to be lost in her own world as I reached up and put my hand around her neck. I pressed my fingers against her artery, and I could feel her blood pulsing under her skin, her heart beating quickly from what I assumed was excitement and indulgence. Her fingers slipped between mine and she caught my gaze, biting her bottom lip and licking the dried blood off of it.

 I wasn’t going to last long, but it didn’t matter. I lifted my hand from her neck and clamped it against her mouth, then leaned down slightly and plunged my teeth into her skin. Blood spurted into my mouth and she screamed in my ear, but nothing could stop me. I tore out a section of her carotid artery and jugular vein, and she weakly battered me with her fists as blood gushed from her wound and down our chests. I spat her flesh out for the rats to eat and drank from her as she flailed and writhed, eventually limp, and I slumped to the ground still inside her.

 A few more thrusts and I was spent. I tossed my head back and ran my hands through my sticky, soaked hair, then pushed her body away and got to my feet, buttoning my pants. The skin on my cheeks was tight with drying blood, and wiped my face with the sleeve of my jacket, staining the fabric crimson. I slid a flask out of my jacket pocket and cleaned my hands with moonshine, then poured the rest of it out into the dirt and held the opening to the corpse’s neck, letting a stream of blood dribble inside.

 This was the last one, I swore. No more accidents, no more excuses. No more.

 Finally, I got to my feet and cleared my throat, tucking my flask away and gazing down at the carnage I’d created. There was a large smear of blood across the wall and a puddle around the body that I hadn’t been able to ingest. It was a shame to see it go to waste, but there was no time to mourn spilled blood.

 I crouched and plucked money and cigarettes from her coat pocket, and then adjusted my tie and headed out into the street. There was always tomorrow to become a better man.

The commission process:

Before contacting me for a commission, please think about the genre you want for your story, whether or not it will contain erotica, and the length of story you want to read. For reference, a 300-page novel is about 85,000 words. A chapter tends to run between 2,000 and 5,000 words. I also expect you to have characters and a plot in mind, but don't worry! These do not have to be fully fleshed-out yet.

After I recieve your commission request, I will contact you to learn more about your story. I will analyze your idea and let you know how many words I expect the story to take, and what we can do to increase or decrease the length depending on your goals. I will ask many questions so I can get to know your plot, setting, and characters, as well as your personal interests and what you desire from the story as a reader.

I will ask you to choose from these stylistic elements:

  • Past tense
  • Present tense
  • First person
  • Second person
  • Third person
  • Single POV
  • Multi-POV
  • Slow-paced
  • Fast-paced
  • Flowery language
  • Simple descriptions
  • Dialogue-only

After we've discussed the story and you're ready to commission, I will send you a PayPal invoice for a 50% deposit. As soon as I receive payment, I'll get started on your story! Along the way, I'll keep you updated on my progress and I'll reach out if I have any questions, so please provide me with contact information that you check regularly.

When I'm finished writing, I will alert you and send you an invoice for the second half of your payment. Upon reciept, I will send you the story in the format of your choice (.docx, PDF, Google Doc) and you can enjoy your one-of-a-kind story!

If you notice any errors or are unhappy with any part of your commission, please let me know. You are entitled to one round of revisions, where I will fix mistakes and make minor changes. Due to the extensive pre-commission process where we discuss your desires for the story in detail, I will not rewrite large portions of the text.


50% payment is due upfront to reserve your slot. Full payment is required before the commission will be delivered. One round of revisions is allowed after payment is recieved.

$.05 per word for general fiction

Minimum 1000 words

10% discount for 5,000+ words

NSFW Commissions

$.06 per word for softcore NSFW

$.075 per word for hardcore/BDSM NSFW

Minimum 1000 words

10% discount for 5,000+ words

Furries are welcome! No bodily waste fetishes, underage/incest, AB/DL, vore, or snuff. I reserve the right to refuse any commission.

Get in touch!

Availability and questions:

Instant booking: Fiverr or Upwork

Twitter: @larisheva_art

Discord: mouse#7965

Mouse Larisheva, an adult white man with curly hair, holds books in front of the bottom half of his face.